New Computer Technology

workstation-405768_1920We are living in the twenty first century and it is the age of computer technology. We literally breathe technology in everything that we do or see. One must admit that it is the era of sleek gadgets. In fact the PC which one bought so proudly a few years back is now just a dinosaur. So like I said we are surrounded by technology and so let us see and find out what are the latest and the best in the world of new computer technology.

Perhaps the most interesting idea has been the wireless PC Intel uses this technology to connect to motors and external storage devices. So as time passes PC’s will be thinner, faster, and lighter and have longer lasting battery. Games and movies will feel like real when viewed on the big screen and that is thanks to the 3D or 4D effect. So let us look at just five new technologies that one can see in the near future.

Wireless charging

Qi-Wireless-Charging-Solid-Wooden-Pad-by-Wasserstein-03Intel will be soon launching their new wireless technology where one can charge the lap top by just placing it in the table. Thus one can go anywhere like air ports, restaurants, bars or any public place and get your lap top charged without the power adaptors. This type is going to be launched next year. Soon restaurants and cafes will begin to charge for smart phones, tablets and lap tops.

Beam the Image

ideum-dynamic-desktop-tangible-touch-tableSoon it is going to be possible to connect the wireless laptop to displays so that one can do without expensive Display Port display cables. A wireless display will begin to work as soon as a laptop is within its range. One laptop will be able will be able to stream on multiple desks at the same time. Soon one will be everything wireless even your home TV.

Desktops that are creative

board-1364652_1920The desktop will soon become a hub of activity and creativity. It will have technology like depth sensing cameras and 3D printing. Dell has developed a smart desk with an all one PC beaming a virtual key board onto a desk.

Interactive computers

Beginning from next year 2d’s cameras in PC will be replaced with 3D cameras. With this one will be able to recognize objects and even measure distance between items. With this Skype chats will be more fun.

Biometric sensors

289236Soon one can log into one’s account by using one’s body. By the end of the year Intel will be launching software in which users can log on to websites via biometric authentication. The advantage is that one need not have to remember passwords for different sites. Biometric authentication is considered reliable and secure. Apple uses biometric authentication through authorize credit card payments. The finger print reader will soon become more useful from next year.

As mentioned earlier laptops, tablets and hybrids will become thinner, faster, lighter and better. So get prepared for a slimmer technology that will serve mankind better over the years to come.